Go Analogue – Ricoh AF-2

Go Analogue - Ricoh AF-2

These are all the photographs that I took using Ricoh AF-2 and the 35mm film that I used at that time was the Kodak Ultramax film and the ISO or ASA speed of 400 for the film and 100 for the camera itself which I mentioned in the photos descriptions and all the photographs that you are see are all been taken down at The Boulders in Babinda, Queensland.

Australian Brushturkey Blurry Bridge Blurry Park Blurry Steam Boulders Among The Plants Boulders And Water Boulders Everywhere Branches With Few Leaves Bushes Everywhere Dried Out Tree Branches Going Down And Between Just Like A Mini Pool Large Boulders Leaves In The Foreground Log Over The Stream Moss Log No Leaves Rocks In The Water Shade Over Steam The Rainforest The Water And The Boulders Trees And The Steam Trees Over The Steam Water Rusting Down


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