Monochrome Colour

In this blog, I’m going do a colourful monochrome experiment that mainly involves using my Three Different Colours photograph that I took during January 2017 along with Photoshop element 8, the software which I used to edited all my photos before being release of course.

Three Different Colours
“Three Different Colours” the photo that I’m go be using in the experiment.

What expires me into doing this experiment was when I was browning in Wikipedia and came across an article “Tawawa on Monday” a Japanese web series which it was based on a number of illustrate twitter posts by Kiseki Himura that uses a monochrome effect with a blue colour add to it.

Kiseki Himura twitter posts gave me an idea into try that colourful monochrome effects on one of my photos.

The experiment involves using Photoshop to removing colour from the photograph leaving it as Monochrome or greyscale.

Three Different Colours (Monochrome Colour)

Colour been remove from photograph.

Then one by one, I used five different colours that I personals selected on each photo to see how the effects turn out as seen below along with colour code.

Three Different Colours (Amazon Colour)
Colour: Amazon (#3B7A57)

 Three Different Colours (Cherry Colour)
Cherry colour version of “Three Different Colours”

Three Different Colours (Dark Magenta Colour)
Colour: Dark Magenta (#8B008B)

Three Different Colours (Orioles Orange Colour)
Colour: Orioles Orange (#FB4F14)

 Three Different Colours (Raspberry Rose Colour)
Colour: Raspberry Rose (#B3446C)


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