Visiting Etty Bay And Mourilyan Harbour

On 12 November 2016, I decided to go out to Etty Bay and take some photos of the Bay. When I got there, it was nearly lunchtime, so I ordered a bacon and egg burger along with a soft drink from the only cafe in the bay and starting eating, after I did that, I went down to the beach opposite the cafe.

Down at the beach, there were a lot of people and children in the area, but they didn’t pose a problem at all. My main reason for being there was to take photos of the beach, the shoreline and the rocky formation.

An Ocean View Ocean Meets The Beach Rocks Coming Out Of The Sand Rocky Formations In The Sand [SHOT 1] Rocky Formations In The Sand [SHOT 2] Rocky Formations Shoreline Between The Rocks The Rock And The Brown Leaves

The Rocks And The Shoreline The Shore Meets The Beach Water Between The Rocks [SHOT 1] Water Between The Rocks [SHOT 2]

While I was taking photos of the beach, I video taped parts of Etty Bay.

After Etty Bay, I went to Mourilyan Harbour to take some more photos and then started to head for home after that.

Mourilyan Harbour Mourilyan Harbour Port Volunteer Coastguard Boat Water Everywhere